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Individual PhD vs. Structured PhD Program

In Germany, there are two ways to get your PhD degree – either in an individual PhD program or in a structured PhD program. Our GSofLog offers the structured way of successfully achieving a PhD – implicating some essential benefits for our scholars. A close mentoring and support by our excellent team of experts and advisors, an offer of workshops as well as a specific dissertation topic you will work on individually. Our systematic and intensive mentoring usually leads to a successful graduation of our scholars within three to four years.

A dissertation at the GSofLog offers a direct exchange with the industry and working on a specific challenge with unique practical relevance.

Currently there are more than 700 PhD programs offered in Germany. Many are sponsored by the “Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft” (DFG) as part of the “Exzellenzinitative” (graduation colleges). Furthermore, there are many PhD programs sponsored by the “Länder” (states) at the graduation colleges of non-university research institutes. However – there is no program comparable to the structured PhD program at the GSofLog.

Some programs provide students a financial support by offering a position at their university chair or a research institute, other programs – such as ours at GSofLog – assign scholarships. Within the GSofLog, scholarships are funded by economic sponsoring only. The sponsors support our PhD-students with a fixed monthly payment and provide a specific research topic with high practical relevance. The connected Universities and research institutes grant a work place and a mentoring program to complete a training that develops outstanding scholars to become future managers.