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Support scholars and acquire
your top-managers of tomorrow

The GSofLog stands for an industry-oriented education of future Top-Managers in fields of logistics. Here – technological expertise and leadership skills, strategic foresight as well as innovative strengths are imparted and communicated. Comprehensive research questions for global logistic pioneering are solved by our networked teams of scholars – always based on challenges of our partner companies. Scholars seize upon fundamental questions of the sponsoring company and lead them to highly innovative logistical solutions.

The sponsoring of a scholar or a scholar-class provides a range of benefits:

Our scholars at GSofLog complete their PhD after three years and will provide your company with innovative solutions.

Your supported scholar is mentored by our professors, who are not only researching on the innovations themselves but are also uncompromisingly committed to our scholars’ success.

You acquire and qualify new excellent managers and experts with reasonable time expense and appropriate financial framework (tax advantages due to bill of donation).

Our faculty professors conduct both the application process and the pre-selection of the scholars.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Recruitment and qualification of new future-orientated managers and experts
  • Innovative solutions for your company
  • Reasonable time expense
  • Appropiate financial framework
  • Tax benefits due to bill of donations
  • Qualified supervision by our faculty professors
  • Applicants pre-selection by our faculty professors
  • Increased attention to your company
  • Commitment to the German scientific landscape as one of the leading change drivers

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Your sponsoring options

The GSofLog offers two options to sponsor scholarships. Neben der Förderung von Einzelstipendien, kann auch eine ganze Stipendienklasse gefördert werden. Hierbei bauen die Themen der Promotionen aufeinander auf, sodass umfassende Themenkomplexe behandelt werden können.

Scholarship Sponsorship

  • Joint research
  • Targeted supervision by the university professor and aDay-2-Day supervisor
  • Duration: three years

Scholarship Class Sponsorship

  • Coordination of at least two scholarship holders
  • Target-oriented questions based an one another
  • Multi-perspective consideration of topic complexes
  • Exchange across company departments or business units
  • Establishment of a Steering Committee with two meetings per year

Experience reports

Experience report: Summer school network

Experience report: Summer school network

Marvin Kastener und Sandra Kaczmarek im Interview zum Netzwerk der PhD School of Logistics. Im Jahr 2018 bot die Graduate School of Logistics zum dritten Mal die PhD School of Logistics – die Summer School der GSofLog – an. Marvin Kastner nahm als Promovend an der...

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