Today, in our editorial series “Ten”, you will find out which 10 crises doctoral candidates have to deal with in the course of their doctorate:

1. THE LITERATURE CRISIS: Every author writes something different, uses different words, but which applies? You will keep it simple if you orient yourself to recognized experts or to the relevant teachings of your research location. In the end, however, you can also fall back on the literature that presents the better arguments. Research means critical questioning.

2. THE FOCUS CRISIS:In research, there are still many white spots to be filled with scientific knowledge. How do you find research questions and realistically narrow down your project? Rely on your supervisors, they will help, know the relevant trends and guide you through the iterative process.

3. THE DATA CRISIS: How do I find valid data and the right contacts to validate my work? There are many research networks at universities and also on an international level. Take advantage of these networks and build your own.

4. THE CITATION CRISIS: A lot of literature has been read, numerous places marked and now? Use the citation method of your research site and enter the passages directly into a software. For example Citavi. As soon as the first characters are on the paper, you should cite correctly. Finding the right citations afterwards is a difficult task and takes a lot of time and effort.

5. THE RESULT CRISIS: Everything is written down once. The result has been worked on for years and now it seems almost banal! If it cost you years of your life and you worked scientifically correctly, the result cannot be banal at all. You would have taken up justified criticism already on your way and would have worked in.

6. THE WRITING CRISIS: Writing blocks will torment you. Questions like: When did I write too much or is it too little text? And: When will I be finished? will unsettle you. Divide your project into smaller tasks and set realistic deadlines. You can reward yourself for each partial result.

7. THE TIME CRISIS: No time to work on your dissertation? Here you have to set clear priorities. You are your own client and project manager. You have to make time and schedule it, even on weekends if necessary. Regular and fixed appointments can help to stay on schedule. Everything else is excuses.

8. THE SOCIAL CRISIS:When will you be done? How much longer do you need? Oh, may I interrupt for a moment? Let’s go outside, the weather is so nice! – Social obligations, invitations and pressure from family and friends can be annoying and at the same time very tempting. Perseverance and prioritizing are required here as well. Expect understanding of your situation.

9. THE SELF CONFIDENCE CRISIS: You don’t think you can do it. Every great scientist has had at least one crisis. You are always insecure until the next success. So create new successes!

10.THE DIVISION CRISIS: Here everything comes together with pleasure: Insecurity, panic and pressure. You wouldn’t have gotten here if your thesis advisor wasn’t confident in you. Graduation is always difficult, but you earned it. Make room for new plans!

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