We start with our editorial series “Ten”. In ten years, we have gathered a lot of experience and now share 10 tips, 10 hints, 10 do’s and don’ts with doctoral candidates, students, companies and interested parties. We start with “10 reasons: Why a PhD is an advantage”.

  1. Career opportunities:half of all PhDs take on a leadership position upon graduation when they start their careers and earn more than their colleagues with a master’s degree.
  2. Positive perception by employers: perseverance, organizational skills and self-motivation are among the qualities that doctoral graduates are said to possess – qualities that every potential supervisor likes to see.
  3. Key for the management floor: Those with a doctorate have usually managed projects, supported acquisitions and thus demonstrated communication and leadership skills – key qualifications for the management of a company.
  4. Innovative strength: Doing a doctorate often involves transferring scientific results into practice. That’s why doctoral graduates are known for their high level of innovation. An entry into research and development departments in companies or into strategic innovation projects is obvious.
  5. Network: With a doctorate, every doctoral student builds up a network that provides strong support in later career orientation. Numerous contacts, innovation ecosystems and central initiatives are available to PhD students with a wide range of experts from different fields.
  6. Subject and expert knowledge:Intensive study of a topic can build expertise that assists with career positioning. Doctoral students become experts in their field and should therefore consider their career prospects early on.
  7. Strengthening of personality: After completing a doctorate, one has proven to oneself that one is up to the challenge. A doctorate boosts self-confidence.
  8. Career-ready: A doctorate is essential for a career in research or at universities and colleges.
  9. Making an impression: A Dr.-Ing makes an impression. Having a title creates respect and recognition, both professionally and privately.
  10. The foundation for self-employment: A doctorate can be the basis for starting a business. Usually, new ideas, business models or prototypes are developed. The scientific environment helps with the first steps into self-employment.

You want to learn more? Then also visit our free lecture series “Praxis trifft Wissenschaft”. On 11.02.2020, Benjamin Brast from the Graduate Center of TU Dortmund University will report on “10 steps to a successful doctorate”. (TU Dortmund University, Mechanical Engineering Building I, E21).