Corona/COVID-19 has us in its grip. To avoid infection, even our PhD students stay at home. But that’s no reason not to work on your dissertation! We have prepared for you the 10 reasons why your home is the ideal place to write even though libraries, offices and cafes are closed.

TheTen: 10 reasons why your home is the ideal writing place

  1. Digital togetherness: we live in times of digitalization, so you can safely write your dissertation from home and connect with colleagues by phone, via Skype, via Hangouts, via Facetime or other conferencing systems. The virtual world makes it possible that you don’t have to write alone.

  2. Digital Literature: Even when libraries are closed, literature is available online. Digital literature is also much more practical, easier to transfer into Citavi or other literature management systems.

  3. Change of perspective: Ideally, you have a well-furnished workplace, but you can also work longer at a dining table with a comfortable chair. Different places and new seating also lead to new ideas.

  4. No whiteboard? No problem! You have plenty of window panes and mirrors in the apartment. With the right pens or colorful post-its, your work can be structured well. Online trade still works smoothly – what’s missing can be there the very next day.

  5. The sofa in the living room – a risky choice, because you might be tempted to turn on Netflix/Prime. Just a new episode of your favorite show… binge watching alert! Clear advantage: a power nap in between is supposed to work wonders and the TV could also be purposefully used as a second screen. Playing presentations or literature screening in large format – a sensible use variant.

  6. Kitchen: No height-adjustable table? Simply use the kitchen worktop – standing workstation ready. And honestly, the way to the coffee machine is sooo short, it couldn’t be more ideal.

  7. Garden/balcony: The sun is shining! Here you can fill up on vitamin D, enjoy the fresh air and have a conversation with your neighbor in between a safe distance. There have been researchers who have made major breakthroughs based on animal behavior or the spectacle of nature.

  8. Forest: Staring at empty leaves takes on a different meaning. You can sort out your thoughts on a walk. Alternatively, you can jog, so you also create a harmony between body and mind at the same time.

  9. Room floor: All books, scripts, data sheets can be spread out around you. Ideal. Nobody will visit you unexpectedly in your “office”. No one will stop you from being the ruler of your chaos.

  10. You save! That’s right. You save time and you save money. Just think of the time it takes you to drive to work, the rush hour on the freeway, the crowded public transportation, and the chatter in the kitchen with co-workers. Lunch in the cafeteria or at the pizzeria around the corner, is out. Now you have the opportunity to take care of yourself in a healthy way.