Prof. Michael Henke has been managing the Graduate School of Logistics for five years as spokesman of the board. In this year’s board meeting he was confirmed for this position unanimously for another three years. “One of my highlights of the last five years is the work with my team. With my management team Britta Scherer (coordination) and Simone Thewes (administration) we work together on the GSofLog and believe in our concept, that’s why we are successful”, explains Henke. In recent years he has brought a fresh wind and new perspectives. Essential structures were changed and a new branding was launched.

But not only in the current anniversary year (10 years of the successful GSofLog concept), but also for the coming years, he has a concrete plan for the further development of the cross-university and cross-location initiative: “The Graduate School of Logistics should grow and accommodate 20-25 scholarship holders in the next five to ten years. “I am convinced that with Blockchain, Smart Contracts, new business models, Artificial Intelligence and the topic of data and data sovereignty, there are numerous potential perspectives ahead of us. The rapid transfer of new methods and concepts from science to business practice has never been more important than today. The GSofLog is a good instrument for implementing digital transformation”.

Our sponsors, scholarship holders and all interested parties can therefore look forward to further developments.