Digital twins are virtual images of products, services or processes and play a crucial role for the factory of the future in several respects. Today, a digital twin is much more than a simple model – we are talking about evolving digital profiles based on historical and current behavior of physical objects, systems or processes that help optimize a company’s business performance. We have summarized ten benefits for you in compact form:

  1. Digital twins change and accelerate the entire engineering process.
  2. They are used to optimize manufacturing processes and already enable the economical production of the smallest batch sizes down to a quantity of 1.
  3. The digital twin is perfectly suited for condition monitoring in real time. This makes predictive maintenance of equipment possible.
  4. Forecasts of requirements, developments and inventories for different business areas become possible.
  5. With a digital twin, risk-free simulations can be carried out without interfering with and thus endangering operational business.
  6. The behavior of new products or the operation of new processes can be tested virtually under real conditions.
  7. Digital twins radically change the value chain. They make operations more efficient and thus open up new growth opportunities.
  8. The digital twin supports an increased level of service. Building new, digital business models becomes possible and simplified.
  9. Digital twins ensure traceability of the entire life cycle of products, machines or parts via digital threads.
  10. User interfaces prepare and visualize the relevant data for specific target groups. Each department thus has access to all important data in real time – structured and clearly arranged.

Digital twins are the decisive prerequisite for successfully implementing digitization in the company and opening up new business areas. Before you can use a digital twin, you must implement an intelligent, networked development process.

We advise you to proceed step by step. Don’t digitize an entire ecosystem right away. Start with a digital twin of one part of your company and build on it.

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