Our editorial series “The Ten” continues. We have compiled a few facts and figures on the topic of doctoral studies for you from the Federal Report on Young Academics.

  1. There are 196,200 doctoral students in Germany.
  2. 56 percent of doctoral students are men, 44 percent are women.
  3. On average, doctoral students are 29 years old.
  4. More than half of all doctoral students choose the standard path and do their doctorate at a university chair. In addition to the standard path, there are also structured doctoral programs.
  5. 5,000 doctoral students are pursuing their doctorates within the framework of one of the 230 research training groups of the German Research Foundation.
  6. Doctoral students across all disciplines have an average of 1,261 euros per month at their disposal.
  7. For 53 percent of doctoral students, at least one parent has a university degree.
  8. The average doctoral duration is 4.5 years, with structured formats tending to have a slightly shorter doctoral duration and engineering generally having the longest doctoral duration.
  9. If we look at final grades, taking up a doctorate is positively related to academic performance. The same applies to taking up a job as a research assistant during studies.
  10. A doctorate provides financial advantages in later professional life.

This and further information can be found in the

Bundesbericht Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs 2017 – Statistische Daten und Forschungsbefunde zu Promovierenden und Promovierten in Deutschland, Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE), Deutsches Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsforschung (DZHV), Institut für Forschungsinformationen und Qualitätssicherung, Statistisches Bundesamt, ISBN 978-3-7639-5850-4, W. Bertelsmann Verlag.