This year, the PhD School of Logistics, the summer school of the Graduate School of Logistics, will be offered from 26-29 June 2023. The focus is on the topic “Data-Driven Methods for Logistics”. Following the mission statement of the Graduate School of Logistics, the programme offers a balanced mix of theoretical foundations and practical implementation. The proven Live Case Study will be offered in cooperation with BG.evolution of the Beumer Group.

Data are the basis for our digitalised future. It is necessary for forecasts, analyses, optimisations, for self-learning systems, autonomous robots and much more. But what do we need to ensure the required data quality and quantity and how do analysis processes work? We will find out together! In this year’s Summer School, we will be looking at methods for managing and analysing data in logistics.

Data management is the totality of all methodical, conceptual, organisational and technical measures and procedures for handling data. Once a corresponding data culture and data governance have been successfully implemented, an essential step towards exploiting the maximum potential of data in the business process is guaranteed. Then it’s time for programming. Statistical methods, machine learning approaches and artificial intelligence algorithms are needed to analyse data properly. That’s why we programme together. Anyone who wants to take part in the Summer School should definitely bring a computer and some experience in Python or R wouldn’t be bad either.

Theory becomes practice – in our Live Case Study: Using concrete company data and in interdisciplinary teams, you will create a solution concept for a real industrial problem. You can apply all the methods you have learned directly. The goal is clear: win the main prize.

In addition, we offer an extensive social programme for networking and building a PhD network. Get to know the other participants at the get-together, get to know the Dortmund innovation ecosystem for logistics & IT at the BBQ and celebrate together at the TU Dortmund University summer festival with live music.

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